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Mailing List Archives

July 5th 2011 "Dissolution of the Venice Public Health Committee and opening of"
December 19th 2010 "The 2010 Update Documentary on the hydrogeological ruin in the Historical Centre and in the Lagoon of Venice"
September 30th 2010 "Activity of the Committee on the Territory in October 2010"
July 5th 2010 "Wicked Venice?"
April 28th 2009 "Report on Tide Streams in Venice"
April 16th 2008 "Moral History of Venice"
July 20th 2007 "Romite´s Madonna has lost her face"
May 8th 2007 "Gondolier saved through a miracle, Venice not yet"
April 23rd 2007 "Committee at the boat march on 21"
April 10th 2007 "Committee in piazza Ferretto Mestre on 13"th
March 20th 2007 "Church of Santa Chiara"
March 12th 2007 "Committee at Radio Vanessa on 14th and in Lido on 18th"
March 7th 2007 "Committee in Santa Margherita on 10"th
February 12th 2007 "They Shall Not Ride Us, Nor Pass Over"
February 6th 2007 "Test"
January 29th 2004 "The inefficience of the Mayor´s Cabinet"